About Us

About us

When tradition meets knowledge and youthful passion, great things are born.

Thus, when the talented young furniture designer, Angelos Christofi decided to put his knowledge and passion to good use, the story of ANJO began.

Born and raised in Limassol from a family of carpenters, undoubtedly wood has always played an important role in his life. Growing up, Angelos spent many hours in his father’s workshop, surrounded by all types of wood. This led Angelos to study Wood and Furniture Design in Greece from where he graduated with honors.

In 2014, Angelos Christofi decided to put his extensive knowledge of wood and furniture design into practice. As a result, the ANJO brand was born with his inspirational creation of wooden sunglasses.

Handcrafted in Cyprus, Angelos selects the finest pieces of wood and inspired from everyday nature as well as the latest fashion trends, he spends hours perfecting his design. From there, he uses the wooden material of his choice to put his designs into life, creating wooden sunglasses, wooden bows and wooden rackets.

Whilst each piece is handmade from the start of the process when Angelos picks up his pen to put his ideas on paper, right down to actually crafting the wood, the whole process takes about a week.

“What makes the ANJO sunglasses truly unique is their unparalleled quality. Our products are all comfortable, light and durable and we would not settle for anything less.

Each plank of wood is different to the other and thus no one item will be identical to the other, even if the design is the same. Something will always be different”.

Angelos Christofi

Here at our website, you will find our new collections of sunglasses, bows and beach rackets.

If however you do not find exactly what you are looking for, please contact us and we would be happy to create the design of your choice.

We look forward to hearing your comments and feedback which helps us improve and grow.

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Handmade using the finest of wood and inspired by the latest fashion trends. Our quality however doesn’t just end at the design process; all our sunglasses are made using supreme quality Italian lenses for 100% UV protection.


Dare to stand out from the crowd and impress with the ultimate male accessory.  Dress-up any outfit with one of our unique, handmade wooden bows, ideal for any occasion.

Wooden tennis rackets

Who said you can’t play beach games in style? Our wooden tennis rackets are not only stylish, but most importantly, can withstand the forces of nature (sun, sea, salt) to last you a few summers!



Angelos Christofi has managed to turn his passion into his career. Having studied Wood and Furniture Design in Greece, Angelos is in a position to understand wood well. ‘Give me wood and I’ll give you anything’ he says. And he proves what he says by creating handmade wooden sunglasses, bows and tennis rackets.

But Angelos promises that there are more surprises in store and he has great plans for the creation of even more products made exclusively by hand, from wood.


Handcrafted and made in cyprus

All our items are handcrafted using the highest quality of wood suitable for each piece and selected with love and care, from Cyprus and made in Cyprus.


total success!

We put our soul into each and every piece we make to ensure that the final product will be exceptional, unique and most importantly of superior quality. And this is precisely why our products have been met with love and enthusiasm and why we are certain that we will continue to thrive – when you make things out of love, they cannot be but loved!

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